New! A Morning in the Dairy


Due to demand we are pleased to offer our new short course, a Morning in The Diary.

The morning, starting at 10am and lasting approximately 2.5 hours, will allow you to see the entire cheese making process from end to end with the opportunity to get your hands in and help. 



 The full programme includes:

  • Tea, Coffee on arrival
  • A brief overview of cheese making
  • Making Rebellion Cheese, this will include adding the cultures and rennet, breaking the curds and whey and moulding the cheese.
  • Cheese tasters
  • A tour of the dairy and maturing rooms
  • Question and answer session
  • A 150g piece of cheese to take home with you

Price per person £40

Looking to book a private group visit? Please contact us or call us on 07984 098629

Sue Wollard, organiser of a recent group visit said:

'I have had amazing feedback from the Group!  Thanks so much for looking after them so well – they had a wonderful time.  They are all hooked on your cheese and will be regular customers in the Market!  Tell Chris to watch out for them'


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