Some would call it an experiment; others would say its a designer cheese. This is a one off, made in a moment of anarchy by the cheesemaker who periodically ignores the rule book and makes something different - because he can! This months special is Ellis,  a lovely young fresh, light yet robust,  tangy Cheshire/Wensleydale like Cheese - perfect with biscuits and chilli jam! 

From the Independent 15th December 2015 Christmas cheese: Delicious alternatives to encourage you to be more adventurous with the cheeseboard featuring our Ellis




Here is what a recent customer had to say about Ellis..

Thanks very much!  The Ellis was delicious!  I belong to a cheese club that meets in the Cornhill pub in Rhayader, Powys every week.  Nothing too serious: everyone brings some cheese; we sample it and vote on which we like most; a Cheese King or Queen is appointed, who has to make a rule for the week.  Anyway last week’s rule was that everyone had to bring a cheese from the place where s/he was born.  I was born in Guy’s Hospital, so I was a bit stumped until someone directed me to your website.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, the Ellis was joint winner, along with an Époisses from burgundy and a Don Luis Romero from Spain. It was a pretty close thing, but the Landlord, who is the arbitrator in such matters, cast his deciding vote in favour of the Ellis.

Thanks once again: unusual and delicious!
Ellis was made Product of the week (26/5/15) at the world famous Borough Market - here is what they had to say 

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