Celebration Cheese Cake (large)


Perfect for any celebration this four tier handmade cheese cake that will grace any buffet or table and consists of:

Napier - Our own recipe and matured for 6 month Napier is a hard cheese, slightly crumbly, yet creamy in texture with a slightly sharp  flavour

Ellis - Our own creation, Ellis is a lovely rich creamy cheese often described as a wonderful 'caerphilly' style cheese.

Baby Blue - The cheese weighing 350g is best described as semi soft rich creamy and  full flavoured. Baby Blue is made from fabulous Jersey milk and has a lovely ‘pale blue’ flavour developing towards the aftertast

Nash - A small individual cheese, with a  creamy texture, Nash’s flavour is buttery at first then developing a more mature aftertaste. A stunning addition to the cheese board

Total Weight 5kg 

Ideal for between 50-60 people

Cows Milk

Vegetarian rennet 

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