Have you ever wondered how cheese is really made and if you can do it at home? Well now you can find out with our 1 day course or short evening class that teaches you the art of cheese making at home without the need for any special equipment (a bucket, cloth and colander). We will provide all the equipment, milk and starters for your experience – you just show up. We can also have available packs for you to take home e.g. milk and rennet etc so you can develop your own cheese.
We will teach you a bit of the science of cheese making but mainly it is a fun practical day. By the end of the day you will take home to mature,  a hard white cheese, a semi hard blue cheese, a lovely soft curd cheese and a small camembert style cheese that you can put in your fridge and mature to your own taste.
We provide refreshments on arrival and a light meal at an appropriate break time. 
Please wear robust closed in shoes and no jewellery (we don’t want to be searching for engagement rings in the cheese curd) and can I ask no strong perfume as the scent molecules can taint cheese (Chanel No5  is a great perfume but not in a mozzarella).


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Blogger What Katie Does attended the course in May, here is a review of the class. 

Looking at giving one of our courses as a gift? we have a range of gift cards available at various prices.
interested? Please see our Cheese Shop for available dates. Have a question please e mail us