Wedding Cake - Minnie


The Minnie is a handmade 3 tier artisan cheese cake consisting of:

Alexandra (base)

Alexandra, AKA Ally Pally White, is a semi hard artisan hand made cheese originally named after Alexandra Palace.

Aged for 10-12 weeks and made with amazing unhomogenized milk from grass - fed single herd cows, Alexandra, is rich, creamy and smooth textured cheese with buttery and nutty undertones.  

Weight:  approximately 1.4kg  Height: 7cm Width: 18cm

Howard (middle)

Howard can be best described as a gorgeous semi hard blue (not blue) cheese.  We call it blue (not blue) as although it contains Penicillium roqueforti we don't pierce the skin thus stopping the blue veins from developing. Howard is a lush creamy textured cheese, one with a lovely earthy after taste. Try it with a lovely spicy full bodied red. Yum.

Howard, has been described by The Grocer Magazine as a star of the future and a ‘true artisanal semi hard blue'

 Howard was named after Luke Howard, the man who named clouds and also came from Tottenham.

Weight:  approximately 1.2kg   Height: 10cm   Width: 14cm

Nash (top)

A small individual cheese, with a creamy texture, Nash’s flavour is buttery at first then developing a more mature aftertaste

Weight:  approximately 500g Height: 9cm  Width: 9cm


Each of our cheeses are handmade using the amazing milk from a single herd of Cows, Vegetarian Rennet, a little bit of salt and whole load of time, love and care.

To help make it easy on the day we also include seasonal fruits and complementary Membrillo for decoration.

Your Wedding Cake Cheese will be dispatched to you wrapped and labelled for easy set up together with tasting notes. Add any green leaves or edible flowers as you wish and you are ready to go.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss your requirements in more detail

This wedding cheese weighs approximately 3kg and is suitable for 25-30 guests

 *Our cheeses are all handmade by our expert cheesemaker so may vary in colour and shape but this will add to the uniqueness of your cheese wedding cake.

Price: £99 inc postage and packing

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