ingredients -  cheese maker culture starter Kit

ingredients - cheese maker culture starter Kit


This kit includes a full range of the starters for the home cheese maker - 

1 x  white hard cheese culture for 5lt milk

1 x 10lt Halloumi culture 

1 x 5lt soft cheese culture

1 x 5lt culture with blue mould spores

1 x 5lt Bloomy rind sachet (camembert style) will make 3 cheeses

1 x 50ml vegetarian dropper bottle

2 blue cheese maker draining cloths 

2 robust reusable cheese moulds

recipes and maturing hints will also be included.


We will get you going by giving you a recipe card. And hints and tips about maturing. 

Please store cultures in the freezer on arrival - this will extend the  best before date by 6 months.

Rennet should be stored in the fridge

Please select the collect from us option to collect in person


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