The Diary of an Urban Cheesemaker Part 7 of a 4 part series

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Hi Cheese folk and welcome to this part 7 of 4 of the diary of an urban cheese maker. Here is my review of the last couple of months Yea baby. You know you want to. Show me how it is.   Beards. Back in 2014 I forecast the rise in facial hair and now look; everywhere you go there is an unashamed beard walking about. There is a whole world of beardy people on twitter who use #BILF. On a related point when did categories like MILF or FILF become standard vocabulary – was I asleep? Will the rise...

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The Diary of an Urban Cheesemaker Parts 1-6 of a four part series

The Diary of an Urban Cheese Maker – Part 6   Originally Posted on April 29, 2014 I have a lot in common with Miss Marilyn Monroe (apart from the obvious sexual allure and tough vulnerability) when in, some like it hot, she asks how they get that big sardine into such a little can? I had that moment when I was asked if I was planning an Instagram social media site. Now I am as down with the kids as anyone but cut an old man some slack. I am also currently obsessing about beards (that is one difference...

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