It seems an age has passed since Apple introduced Apple Pay, which quickly became a favourite form of digital payment. However, it is not only the retail industry that made this possible, but online gambling also contributed to it as well.

Brief Overview About Apple Pay Casino

What is an Apple Pay Casino? It is an online casino platform that allows users to deposit and withdraw money using the Apple Pay digital payment system.

Pros of Using Apple Pay in Online Casinos:

  • Better security measures through biometric and two-step authentication.
  • Instantaneous transactions dispensing with the need for card entries.
  • Easy blending of apple devices in such casinos.
  • Popularity Trends: In recent years there has been a surge in the number of online casinos embracing Apple Pay as their main method of payment.

Geographical Spread of Apple Pay Casinos

UK Apple Pay Casinos

Market Share and User Base: Apple Pay casinos are significantly popular in the UK, with over 30% of online gamblers opting for this payment method according to some research.

Regulatory Framework: The UK Gambling Commission has approved the use of Apple Pay, thereby ensuring it meets specific safety and reliability criteria.

Canadian Apple Pay Casinos

Growth in Canada and Challenges Faced: While Apple Pay casinos are growing in Canada, they face challenges from other prevalent digital payment methods like Interac.

Comparison with other payment methods: Apple Pay stands third after credit cards and Interac in popularity among Canadian online gamblers.

USA Apple Pay Casinos

Legal Landscape: The USA has a varied approach, with some states allowing online gambling with Apple Pay while others still have restrictions.

State-by-state Adoption: States like New Jersey and Pennsylvania have a higher adoption rate of Apple Pay casinos compared to states like Utah.

Specific Casinos Using Apple Pay?

Casimba Casino: As a fresh face in the online casino industry, Casimba is quickly distinguishing itself by offering Apple Pay, a move that adds an extra layer of convenience for its players. The swift transaction times enabled by Apple Pay mean that players can dive into their gaming experience without any annoying delays. What’s more, Casimba attracts newcomers with its extensive range of games and an attractive welcome bonus.

PlayOJO Casino: Renowned for its straightforward and equitable gaming policies, PlayOJO enhances its user-friendly ethos with Apple Pay integration. This payment method supports PlayOJO’s commitment to no withdrawal limits and rapid transactions, making it a breeze for players to manage their funds. Plus, the casino’s policy of no-wagering requirement bonuses means players can enjoy their winnings without hassle.

Betfair Casino: Aligned with its modern, player-first approach, Betfair Casino has adopted Apple Pay, enhancing the ease and security of transactions. The two-step verification process of Apple Pay boosts security, ensuring peace of mind for players. Besides its casino offerings, Betfair is also famed for operating one of the largest betting exchanges globally.

LeoVegas Casino: Known as the ‘King of Mobile Casino,’ LeoVegas is committed to providing a stellar mobile gaming experience, making Apple Pay a natural fit. This integration caters perfectly to gamers on the go, offering seamless payments directly from their devices. With numerous accolades for its mobile platform, LeoVegas stands out as a top choice for mobile gamers.

Paddy Power Casino: With its engaging marketing and diverse gaming options, Paddy Power now offers transactions via Apple Pay, streamlining the payment process so players can spend less time sorting out payments and more time enjoying games. Paddy Power doesn’t just stop at casino games; it’s also a prime spot for sports betting and poker.!

William Hill Casino: A stalwart in the UK betting scene, William Hill has embraced Apple Pay, underlining its commitment to keeping pace with current trends. The fast and secure transactions enabled by Apple Pay are idaal for players who value efficiency and safety. William Hill’s extensive offerings include sports betting, poker, and virtual sports, providing a well-rounded gaming experience .

Casino Rankings & Best Lists

Top-rated Apple Pay Online Casinos: Some of the top casinos include 888 Casino, LeoVegas, and Casumo, among others.

Criteria for Ranking:

Criteria Description
User Reviews Overall satisfaction of users regarding transaction ease.
Transaction Times Speed of deposits and withdrawals using Apple Pay.
Bonuses Exclusive bonuses offered to Apple Pay users.
Game Variety Diversity of games available for Apple Pay users.

How to Deposit and Withdraw with Apple Pay

Depositing: To deposit at an online casino using Apple Pay, simply select Apple Pay as your payment method, authenticate the payment via your device, and confirm the transaction. It’s that easy!

Withdrawing: Withdrawals are just as smooth. Depending on the casino, you can expect to receive your funds instantly or within a couple of days.

Security: With encryption and the added benefit that Apple doesn’t store your card details, Apple Pay offers a secure way to manage your casino transactions without worry.

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The Top Picks: Best Apple Pay Online Casinos

Casino Rankings: When it comes to ranking the top Apple Pay casinos, we consider factors such as user reviews, which reflect overall satisfaction with transaction ease, the speed of transactions, exclusive bonuses for Apple Pay users, and the diversity of games available.

Using Apple Pay Across Casino Platforms

Overview: The rising demand among players has led numerous online casinos to integrate Apple Pay. This method is especially popular for those already familiar with Apple transactions, owing to its straightforwardness.

Special Mention – Apple Pay Slots: Slot games are particularly popular among Apple Pay users, thanks to the quick transaction capabilities that let players start spinning and winning without delay.

Apple Pay Casino Bonuses

Introduction: Many casinos offer exclusive bonuses to players using Apple Pay to incentivise its use.

Comparative Analysis:

Payment Method Average Bonus Offered
Apple Pay Up to 150% match on deposits.
Credit Card Up to 100% match on deposits.
e-Wallets Up to 125% match on deposits.


In the rapidly evolving world of online gambling, Apple Pay is setting a new sttandard for convenience and security. Its integration across leading platforms like Casimba, PlayOJO, Betfair, LeoVegas, Paddy Power, and William Hill not only enhances user experience but also aligns with the needs of modern gamblers who demand quick, secure, and hassle-free transactions. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned bettor, the adoption of Apple Pay could significantly streamline your gaming sessions and safeguard your financial information.

As this technology continues to expand its reach, it’s clear that Apple Pay is not just a payment option but a significant enhancement to the online gambling landscape.