“The moon is made of cheese lets eat on our way to the stars”: the urban cheese maker.

Welcome to Wildes Cheese.  It is really nice to see you.

Wildes Cheese is a micro-dairy based in the heart of the city making delicious handmade artisan cheese.

All our cheese is made by hand by the urban cheese maker and uses the best quality milk from beautiful cows lounging about in the fields of Rye, Sussex. The milk is from a single herd (not the white water of mixed herd milk) and gives our cheese its distinctive flavour. We use only pasteurised but un-homogonised full fat milk and vegetarian rennet.

We change our range of cheeses regularly because change is better than a rest. We only make quality cheese that you cannot buy anywhere else using traditional recipes but with a modern twist.

We limit our environmental impact by using recyclable materials and no harsh chemicals – the use of soft soap, steam gun and hard work.